Ancora grazie a Giancarlo Antonini

Ancora grazie a Giancarlo Antonini, che “mi” ha tradotto in inglese!

From the ball to the aphorism – I GIVE YOU MY WORD – by Rosanna Marani

After the previous poetry collectionPo(s)sesso, released in 2017 by Rosanna Marani, the Queen of the ball, the forerunner of sports journalism comeback with TI DO LA MIA PAROLA.

A book that deals with fragmented, self-concluding, philosophical aphorisms, and thoughts thanks to which she tries to give voice to her word.

Everything stems from the need to give Giulia, her daughter, something essential and significant. What could be possibly more intimate and visceral than the word of a writer, thus given to a person?

Many were clamoring for a new project but, above all, for a book of aphorisms. If you love the wit and incisiveness of thought, the irreverence in writing, all you need to do is read the new book by Rosanna Marani: “I give you my word – Ti do la mia parola

Of her new book, Marani said: I’m excited. Today “my latest book, “I give you my word,” dedicated to my daughter Giulia, who turns 37 years old, is released. I consider it a spiritual testament. At 73, I need to take stock of my life. I leave it to those who want to keep my memory by purchasing the book, my word, or rather my puns”.

Thanks to my publisher Ferdinando De Martino of L’Infernale Edizioni, to Fabrizio Caramagna, who wrote the preface to Virago347 who drawn and gave me the cover, to Claudio Rosa De Martino, the editor. And thanks to those readers who want to read me.

About the author

Who does not know Rosanna Marani, should know that she is a journalist and TV presenter. Also known as the Queen of the Ball, Rosanna became successful in journalism by collaborating in 1973 with the Gazzetta dello sport interviewing Gianni Rivera.

Rosanna Marani was the first woman to become a professional sports journalist in 1976 and also the first sports broadcast on TV (Bar Sport). Later, continuing her career on television.

In 2013 she published the lyrics “Veglia,” awarded the second edition’s best poetry collection “Alda Merini” prize.

Yet, one more thought: Build online relationships, not links. “The edges of our world are the limits of our language” by Rosanna Marani: The word. The legacy for days.

A life of purpose, meaning, and direction. Grazie Rosanna Marani.

Giancarlo Antonini

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Informazioni su Rosanna Marani

@RosannaMarani Per sapere chi sono stata MARANI.htm Per sapere chi sono...chiedimelo Il mio motto Possiedo da spendere la sola moneta del mio sono. Ho investito il mio ero e non so se il mio sarò, potrà fruttarmi l'interesse ad essere.
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